Weeknotes 1509/12

Transavia & Neckermann
The first great news of these weeks is that we have started a collaboration with Transavia and Neckermann. For now it is an undisclosed project, which we will refer to as Zorroa. The collaboration came about by us winning the Transavia Award at the Dutch Open Hackathon with Suitkees. In the talks that followed it soon became clear that we shared a love for creating great touch-points through lean product development. This made outlining the project quick and easy. We are now a few weeks in and together with the Transavia and Neckermann team Tjeerd and Pieter are working in weekly iterations towards the first MVP.


We welcome Transavia and Neckermann as our new clients and congratulate Transavia on their great new visual identity by Studio Dumbar

Noortje joined Hoog+Diep
Noortje has been part of our studio since her graduation project Float. As a talented freelance illustrator she has filled the studio with paper rivers,penguins and scenes from Alice in wonderland. She will continue to do so, but since we are getting very busy lately, she will also join Hoog+Diep. Her skills will be put to good use in our design research work and overall graphic output. Besides creative work she will also lend a hand in the day to day running of the studio.

Noortje recreated the Hoog+Diep logo (see also the final result)

Riantis in full swing
Work on the Riantis platform has moved from planning to development and the team is in full swing. In these first sprints it is mostly database and backend functionalities, so there is little to look at or touch at the moment. But the Bitbucket commits come thick and fast. Mattijs and Jan (from our friends over at Faqtory) are creating the core functionalities for the platform. Tjeerd is putting in place a front-end setup. We will continue to expand on this sprint by sprint, including the first steps towards the connected delivery lockers in the next weeks. So stay tuned!

2015-04-23 16.33.44

The Riantis platform is growing commit by commit

Bubbl test
The Bubbl app test has been running for a few weeks and the first insights start to appear. We are collecting stories on how the test users are experiencing the app, tracking important usage data and the influence it has on battery life. The combination of these insights will guide Bubbl and us in plotting a direction for future versions. The test will continue for a few more weeks before we sit down with Bubbl to plan the future.

Hoog+Diep Bubbl messages

Sometimes glancing at our phone tells you all you need to know from Bubbl.

Design research and more
At the same we are deep into two confidential design research projects – Roko and Outman – and following up on several interesting leads involving coffee and books.