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The worlds smartest train app on your wrist

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‘Next Train’ by Hoog+Diep and Tjeerd Ytsma is the first app to “plan” your train journey on your smartwatch. With one look at your wrist you see how much time is left until your next train and what platform to go to. No need to pull out your phone, enter travel details or calculate how much time you have left in your head .

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Next Train shows the truly important information about your train journey instantly and discrete.
There are many apps and websites available that help you travel by train. But they don’t allow for instant and discreet information. And that’s what you need when you are for instance hurrying to the station or socialising at a party. You don’t want to pull out your phone, start an app, enter travel details, wait for a response and calculate in your head how much time you have left.


NextTrain afbeeldingen - english-02With one look at your wrist.
Next Train shows you how much time you have left without the need to touch your smartwatch. Next Train learns your travel behaviour and knows the nearest station. Combining the two, it knows to count down to the next train heading home while at the party.






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Want to take one train later?
If you want to stick around a little bit longer, press a button and Next Train shows all the information about you need about one train later:
– how much time you have left
– delays
– which platform to go to
– number of transfers
– arrival time





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The smart train app that learns and plans your journey
Next Train learns your travel behaviour and adapts it’s travel advice to it, so in most cases there is no need for the user to provide travel details. In the unusual situation when Next Train’s travel advice needs to be adjusted- for instance traveling to a destination for the first time – it is easy to do so. Departure and arrival station can be quickly selected from stations nearby, personal favourites, or any other station on the railroad system.

Next Train currently works for the Dutch and Belgian railway network, but we are looking into public transport systems in other countries. If you are involved with a public transport system and are interested in working with us, feel free to contact Tjeerd Ytsma:

First Dutch/Belgian reactions:
Our national TV expert on all things nerdy and Blendle co-founder Alexander Klöpping called Next Train “a sci-fi experience”.

Dit voelt toch wel sci-fi, Pebble telt seconden af naar volgende trein.

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