Coupe de Groupe

Hoog+Diep wins Bosch Connected Mobility Hackathon

Hoog+Diep won the Connected Mobility Hackathon during Bosch Connected World 2017. With “Coupe de Groupe” we explored the potential of IoT for two-wheeled group rides, both from a user experience as well as a business perspective. Coupe de Groupe combines mySPIN (Bosch’s connected vehicle display technology) and Coup (a dock-less e-scooter rental platform).

Watch the video for the 4 minute presentation at BCW2017: 

 Hoog+Diep presenting “Coupe de Groupe” as winner of the Connected Mobility Hackathon at Bosch Connected World 2017



As an outsider, riding a motor bike or moped might seem like an individual activity. And the broad range of products available to help riders plan, navigate and capture solo rides seems to confirm this. But many riders regularly participate in group rides. They are attracted to the social experience on and off the bike and practical benefits like not having to navigate unfamiliar terrain themselves. But riding as a group generates specific needs, for which (as far as we could find in a quick scan during the hackathon) no products cater well. That’s why we decided to explore what a group ride solution could offer on a connected two wheeler display like Bosch MySpin. We see many opportunities, but three key needs we identified and designed solutions for during the hackathon are:

1. One solution to create ad-hoc groups and share information during ride

Use the Coupe de Groupe app to quickly form a group and have shared information during the ride

With group rides it is often not fully known who will participate. Some will join last minute, some will cancel last minute. That’s why Coupe de Groupe allows riders to quickly connect their app with riders close-by and form a group for that ride. In the case of our scenario (see video at top), the tourists also select what kind of ride, when and how long. After forming a group they switch to navigating in the Coupe de Groupe app. As a group the navigation shares important information like the destination and the location of all group members.

Hoog+Diep-Coupe de Groupe - MySpin overview

Coupe de Groupe’s navigation can be used on the phone, but works even better when connecting the app to the vehicle’s own dashboard display. In the case the two-wheeler has MySpin technology, the app will use the dashboard as its primary display and “lock” the phone. This allows riders to put their phone in their pocket and safely use the dashboard and  handlebar controls while riding.

2. Less stress while riding in a group with simple but adaptive navigation

One of the pleasures of going on group rides is exploring new surroundings. But riding unfamiliar surroundings while having to focus on other group members leaves little attention for navigation aids. Add to this riding an unknown vehicle in a busy city in the case of a Coup scooter and there is a need for a navigation aid that is as simple and clear as possible.

That’s why in it’s most simple form Coupe de Groupe group members reach their shared destination by following the arrow on screen. The arrow shows the heading of the group’s destination but does not prescribe an exact route to take. This is ideal for tourists exploring a city. It leaves them free to react to the city around them. Next to the navigation the display shows important information like where fellow riders are, speed and how long the group can ride before batteries run out.

So while in motion riders can only pay limited attention to navigation aids, but when standing still they can process more information and it is easier for them to interact with it. Coupe de Groupe uses this opportunity in its adaptive navigation. When the two-wheeler is not moving, the display switches to a more detailed navigation view. Allowing riders to see points of interest nearby and select it as group destination on the fly.

3. Regroup-mode for when group gets split apart

A common problem in group rides is what to do when the group gets split appart? Do you as a rider stop and wait for the other members to come to you or do you look for them? Are they able to come to you? The only way to find out is to stop, take of your helmet, take out your phone and call one of the other riders. Having a shared navigation like Coupe de Groupe allows for a simple but effective solution. When a group gets split apart too far, all group members get notified and have the option to enable the regroup mode. This instantly changes the group member’s destination to a central point where they regroup before continuing the ride.



At the start of the hackathon we explored multiple ideas and experiences to work on. When we settled on group rides we iterated the Coupe de Groupe concept using sketches and storyboards. With the concept sufficiently developed we split into two groups. One worked on the user interface in more detail ending in interactive mockups, like the ones used in the previous videos. The other worked on a prototype to proof that our concept was feasible on both phone and motor display.

Coupe de Groupe app prototype allowed all users to change the shared destination and shows real world heading to destinations in Berlin

For this we created an app that ran on multiple phones, shared destination between them and showed real world heading to destinations in Berlin. With the integration of the MySpin SDK we could also use the display on the motor as primary screen.

Coupe de Groupe app prototype integrated the MySpin SDK to use the two-wheeler dashboard as primary display.



Hoog+Diep - Coupe de Groupe - for whom

During the Connected Mobility Hackathon, we spoke to quite a few motorcyclists about the concept and how they experienced group rides.   This practise to talk to potential users as early as possible helps us understand their behaviour, motivations, needs and allows us to taylor our concept to it. The conversations also strengthened us in the idea that many scooter and motorcycle riders have similar experiences and unmet needs in group riding. A Coupe de Groupe like solution could therefore be beneficial to a variety of group rides.



After returning from Berlin we continued the conversation with interested parties and did more in-depth user research with motor riders to broaden our understanding and explore what an MVP might look like. Insights from the research included motivational and experiential differences between experienced and novice riders, expected behaviours when riding in a group, common social moments during a ride, short comings in navigation aids and more. A major theme that appeared from the insights and experience journey we created was the stress riders experience. Stress that is caused by chaotic moments like taking of, uncertainty of novice riders, feeling responsible for keeping the group together for experienced group members, etc.

Having now researched group rides and explored what IoT could offer, we conclude that taking away stress is the overarching opportunity for a group ride solutions like Coupe de Groupe. We see many opportunities how it can lower the stress level in common group ride situations and help riders enjoy the ride together and share this wonderful experience.



Bosch Connected World 20170315-BCX_Group_RS-002

We had a great time and met lots of nice and inspiring people. So thank you to our fellow hackers, Bosch SoftTec organisers and the awesome people at Coup!

If you want to know more about group ride experiences and Coupe de Groupe, feel free to contact Pieter Diepenmaat at