We were hiring. (and we found Michiel!)

We found a true gentleman of code in Michiel. But we are always interested in passionate inventors who like to work on smart well-behaved products. So feel welcome to contact us or drop by.

Medior/senior developer
Hoog+Diep is looking for a medior/senior developer to help build smart, well-behaved products.

Hoog+Diep is a design & engineering studio that catalyses new trends in physical and digital product development. We create interactive products that work, technically and conceptually, by positioning a new product among its users, starting from the first prototype. We listen and watch, we iterate design and implementation until the product fits seamlessly. We like lean development. We like creatively searching for solutions within restrictions. We like open communication.

What you tell your friends
“I am an inventor. I write the code that makes products smart and well-behaved”

What you will really be doing
– Be part of our nimble team of developers, designers & researchers that conceives and creates great smart/IoT/connected products and systems.
– Work for clients on new products ranging from smartwatch/mobile/web applications to automated bike parking facilities.
– Write code and create approaches for developing cutting edge products.
– Help us continuously improve our software development knowledge, tools and processes.

How will you be doing this?
– You will select the best development approach and technologies for each project based on desired user experience, flexibility, time and budget.
– You will write code and iterate it from MVP to MVP guided by user test insights and design iterations.
– You will lead internal and external (client) development teams in creating shippable products.
– You will research and use state of the art technologies in client work and internal projects.

Required experience and skills
– You love to create flexible prototypes of a wide variety of ideas and products
– You know what it takes to scale a solution from a prototype to a shippable product.
– You have worked with various languages, development environments and SDK’s.
– You are in the know on the state of the art processes and tools in software development and are not afraid to use them.

What we have been working on the past 12 months
– Killer smartwatch applications
– Building the first versions of connected delivery boxes and connected production lines
– Creating AR experiences everyone (even your grandmother) enjoys and understands, in the form of augmented tablecloths & castles
– MVP’s of new ways of traveling, reading, doing shopping & sharing photo’s
– Winning the Microsoft Kinect European Hackathon & the Schiphol & Transavia award at the Dutch Open Hackathon

What we offer
– A nice salary package
– The option to work part-time
– Public transport season ticket
– A nice office in the heart of Rotterdam
– The chance to grow with us

Our future
We love to create tomorrow’s exceptional interactive products and have a small but talented team – hopefully including you soon – doing so. At the same time we see people’s expectations of their products expanding from being robust & easy-to-use to being smart & well-behaved and sometimes even being autonomous & honest. This means the demand for our inventors craft will continue to grow and we will have opportunities to expand our team further. That’s why we are curious to hear your ambitions in helping us build this team and development culture.


Interested? Please contact Pieter Diepenmaat at p.diepenmaat@hoogendiep.nl or give a call +31 (0) 64 21 38 49 4