Weeknotes 1505/06

Tjeerd spoke at This happened Utrecht
On his first day back from the snow covered alpes, Tjeerd showed how Next Train came to be at This happened Utrecht #22. He was part of great line-up including Daniel Disselkoen on Cucalu, Daan Brinkman on PaintR and Eline Muijers on Bounden. The talk got a great reception from the audience of fellow inventors, who characterised the app to as “such a clever thing” in the Q&A. During drinks we talked more in depth to several users/fans about their Next Train experiences. As the evening came to a close, we returned to Rotterdam, sharing our ride and many more ‘making of’ stories with Daniel Disselkoen.

Tjeerd speaking about Next Train at This happened Utrecht #22.

Start Roko’s design research
Week 1505 also saw our start on Roko, a design research project for a Fortune 500 company in collaboration with design research authority (and good friend) Froukje Sleeswijk Visser. In this project we gain customer insights through pan European design research and train the clients leading sales representatives in design thinking. As is often the case with our design research projects, confidentiality does not allow us to be more specific on this project. But if you are interested in design research as a topic we highly recommend any of Froukje’s publications including her latest from DSR2014 http://www.drs2014.org/en/presentations/317/

Running projects
Just a quick recap of is happening in our other current projects. NS/ProRail work continued with Pieter doing some revisions on the OV-fiets user experience. Kupla meetings were again full of energy, with Tjeerd and Pieter delivering our weekly Kupla prototypes and discussing the experience of the week before. Riantis is currently in a planning phase. Together with our Riantis and ABZ, Wouter and Mattijs are working on a lean roadmap for 2015. Production will start early March.

OV-fiets user flows for the new class of NS/ProRail bike parking facilities

Wouter voted best design coach
Besides running Hoog+Diep as managing director Wouter is part time teacher at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the TUDelft. This week he received the news that he was selected as best design coach by 2nd year students! We celebrated with cake.