Hoog+Diep talks smart watches at One More Thing

The number one Dutch Apple webshow ‘One More Thing‘ invited us to talk smart watches and more. We talked about what it means to be a modern inventor of smart products and how this allows us to design from small products on your wrist to bike parking systems. But since the apple watch event was only a few weeks away the conversation also focussed on our smart watch experiences.

Jan David and Jesse were keen to know what makes a good smart watch experience and how can it be designed and developed. We discussed limitations of current hardware (mainly batteries), what does everyday usage of a smart watch look like, what is the influence of fashion and how do the Pebble, Android wear and the Apple watch compare. We ended on the question which smart watch will the people at Hoog+Diep be wearing this summer? Spoiler allert: we were not sure. And now Pebble Time is announced we are sure we can’t answer the question before we tried them over a period of time, talked to other users and have run our own apps on them. We will keep you posted. You can watch the complete show (in Dutch) above.