Weeknotes 1416 & 1417

New studio space
Now that it is clear our current office building will be replaced by the InterCity Hotel, we have been on the lookout for new office space. Wouter and Pieter have been visiting potential new office spaces in the vicinity of Rotterdam Central Station. Due to the economic climate there are lots of options, including several Schieblock like initiatives at het Gele Gebouw, het Groothandelsgebouw and Katshoek. For now we keep our options open before we select a space to turn into a lively studio space with room to grow and some friends/collaborators nearby like we have done before.

Our current studio at Delftsestraat 33

Customer journey demos
Meanwhile – still enjoying our current studio – we worked on the customer journey demo’s. The different interfaces for customers and financial service providers are mostly done and the data flows robustly between them. So, as planned, Mattijs spend time on optimising the code for speed. It is great to feel the demo’s go from robust but sometimes slow to flowing and transitioning fluently. At the same time Tjeerd is polishing the ever-so-important details in HTML, CSS, D3 and Angular code. For those interested in D3 and other tools for data visualisation Fastcolabs has a nice overview.

Delft Blue By Me
The current Delft Blue By Me machines have been running successfully now for three tourist seasons, with visitors from all over the world creating personalised delftware. Together with the Delftware production and marketing experts Royal Delft we evaluated the two and a half years and looked for potential improvements.

Delft Blue By Me – Vermeer

Mattijs also worked his magic at some custom Showsync projects including a music video party at Paradiso and Ableton’s University tour at the Amsterdam Conservatory.

Mattijs’ view from the Paradiso stage