Weeknotes 1407

With Wouter on the slopes of the Alps*, the rest of us spent most of our time working on several Umshuwalense projects and occasionally participating in winter sports by turning on live feeds from Sochi whenever a Dutch speed skater stept on the ice.

Customer touchpoint demos
This week’s sprint extended the customer journey demos Tjeerd and Mattijs are working on with several car specific interactions. Although it needs some polishing it was nice to see the full experience over the different touch points during the weekly demos. With two weeks to go for our first client presentation, we are right on track.

Pieter kicked off the week with a collaborative iteration session with our client on a design for financial service providers. The customer insights they provided allowed the team to quickly streamline the suggested workflow on paper and fill in the blanks. The rest of the week we worked out the details and provided the documentation in time for the start of their development team’s build.

Delft Blue By Me
We have decided to revisit our original plans for the distribution of the Delft Blue by Me. For over two years, visitors to our partners Royal Delft and Delft Marketing have enjoyed creating personalised delftware products with these friendly self-service kiosks. But as a stand-alone kiosk it was designed to be easily placed in any location that caters to a Delft Blue loving audience. It now seems we were not the only ones thinking about its potential and hope that in 2014 we will enjoy bringing more kiosk to life.

If you too have guests that love Delftware and personal gifts, contact Pieter for further information.

This happened Rotterdam #3
With the dust settling on last weeks This happend IXD14 edition, Pieter is already working with Adriaan, Piem and Ianus on preparations for This happened Rotterdam #3.

More information on this edition will come your way the coming days, but expect lots of questions relating to who is controlling who: is the human/animal controlling this robot or is the robot controlling the human/animal. Sign up for the newsletter if you want to be in the know.

* Wouter enjoyed his well deserved holiday, but through the magic of 3G we did give him the honour of releasing the official update of the official CSN app to all their fans.CSN by Henry Diltz