Contendis platform

Connecting artist and fans

In 2011 Contendis hired Hoog+Diep to help envision and bring to market the first generation of their Artist2Fan platform. Designed from the ground up to connect artist and fans in new and exciting ways and create new revenue streams for artists this iPad app platform is the result of concurrently developing fan experience, business model/revenue streams, content management experience and software architecture. The platform was launched to the public in October 2012 with the first artist – Crosby, Stills and Nash – releasing their official CSN iPad app during the New York leg of their tour.

The Contendis Artist2Fan platform allows the recording Artist to connect with fans in a new and exciting way through a custom iPad app. Fans experience stunning and ever-growing content in the App’s four unique rooms. A subscription grants users access to exclusive content, updates and premium fan features. The Artist can publish new content with ease and sell merchandise in a custom store.

New revenue streams for Artists
The platform encourages fans to pay a small monthly or discounted yearly subscription fee through Apple’s App Store to receive exclusive content and direct access to the Artist. Liner notes, lyrics and behind the scenes content encourage users to purchase individual songs or complete albums from within the app.The Artist can create flash sales and sell merchandise directly through a custom store integrated into the App.

Direct Artist2Fan communication
The App provides an unparalleled experience for the Artist and fans to directly interact at the Artist’s discretion. This allows the Artist to offer their most valued fans content created exclusively for the App.

Easy real-time publication to fans
The Artist and their content manager can add and arrange App content in real time by placing video, audio, text and photos in the App through the elegant web based Contendis editor. The platform allows the Artist to fill four virtual rooms with exclusive content and have the App designed to reflect their aesthetic for a unique look and feel.

Robust infrastructure
The backbone of this cloud-based platform was designed and developed by Hoog+Diep to be fully scalable Contendis Backend and Contendis Content Delivery Network.