Golfsense Sensor & App

Analyse and improve your golf swing.

The Bejing startup Zepp Labs worked with Hoog+Diep to create GolfSense the first generation Zepp Golf. Combining Zepp’s feather light motion sensing technology with golfers training needs we designed a golfer’s overall experience with the GolfSense sensor & GolfSense smartphone app.

Sensor and App
The Golfsense sensor and app – both designed by Hoog+Diep – help to improve a golfer’s game by providing in-depth swing analysis and guidance. Just attach the sensor to any golf glove and swing away to get instant feedback and see your swing in 3D from any angle on your iOS device. Stop guessing at how to improve and let Zepp show you how.

Wear the sensor
The GolfSense motion sensor captures 3D swing data with incredible precision and wirelessly sends that data to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth after every swing. It’s feather light, features a rechargeable 5-hour battery, works for both right and left-handed players and easily attaches to any golf glove.

Get instant feedback
GolfSense empowers you with the ability to see and analyze exactly what your club and hands are doing in 3D space throughout your backswing, downswing and follow-through. You can evaluate your swing plane, club path and hand path from different angles and easily identify common flaws like coming over the top.

Track improvement and share.
GolfSense keeps a detailed record of every swing you take so that you can easily track your progress over time. You can see which clubs you hit the best, how much you’ve improved, which clubs need more practice, which clubs you use the most, the least and much more.

You can get your Golfsense at Apple, Bestbuy or at Zepp