Tank U

Your mobile library.

Together with DOK, the Delft public library, Hoog+Diep developed the TANK U: a download station for serving content to mobile phones. With the Tank U, libraries are able to make their digital collections of inspiring content available to the public on specific locations. Hoog+Diep was responsible for the interaction design and overall project management.

The collections of public libraries are shifting more and more towards the digital domain. Public libraries are experiencing a growing need to make these digital collections available in a intuitive and pleasant experience, in the library building as well as on different locations outside the library. Together with DOK, Hoog+Diep developed the Tank U to give public libraries the opportunity to make their digital collection available on locations outside of the library.

The Tank U is a download station that offers stories, information and other inspiring content to the public. Users can easily browse through the content and download selected stories and information to their mobile phones using Bluetooth or Wifi connectivity. Tank Us are placed on public spaces such as railway stations, airports, schools, theaters, and so on.

Hoog+Diep was responsible for the overall concept, the interaction design and the user interface. As project manager Hoog+Diep was responsible for managing the partners in the realization of number of technical proof-of-concepts and the final product. Together with DOK, Hoog+Diep gave several workshops and lectures to public libraries nationally and internationally. In the summer of 2010 the Tank U was launched at Schiphol, during the opening of the Airport Library.