Online video tool for public libraries

Public libraries in the Netherlands have a growing need for tools and instruments to digitally disclose their content and collections. Probiblio asked Hoog+Diep to develop a tool to assist librarians in creating video stories. Oobs.tv is a user friendly tool that help librarians create and embed video stories.

Both librarians as well as library members are using online video to consume stories and information. The collections that public libraries present are also becoming digitally available. Public Libraries have a need for tools and instruments to address these needs. Probiblio in Hoofddorp asked Hoog+Diep to investigate these needs and develop a simple and intuitive platform that can help librarians in aggregating online video into video stories.

Oobs.tv offers librarians the possibility to bundle different online videos to one video story. User’s can place announcements between selected videos andand embed the online video player with a distinct library brand. Oobs.tv allows librarians to follow where the online video stories are embedded. Links within the videoplayer allow for a connection to the original context in which the online video story was embedded.

Hoog+Diep conducted several user studies, both with librarians as well as with library members, and for the design and realization of the platform. Together with DOK Delft a successful pilot was set out in August 2010 with a few selected public libraries.