Hoog+Diep & Circuspatz graduation project.

Hoog+Diep and Circuspatz are looking for a kick-ass design student to design and develop miraculous products.

Your mission

You will explore new interactions and experiences in one of Circuspatz’ miraculous story worlds. The focus of the assignment is on developing a new interactive product as an extension or new way to experience one of Circuspatz’ story worlds. The assignment should end with an experiential prototype of a feasible product.

Circuspatz’ products:


You want to prove yourself as a a kick-ass designer/graduation student; you posses strong conceptual skills and love to tell stories about your ideas  in person and through media like sketches or video. But most of all you feel the urge to explore your ideas through high and low fidelity prototypes. You always dreamed about being a circus artist.

We will provide

We enjoy thinking of wild ideas just as much as you do, but we want to experience as many of the ideas that pop into your head as possible. That’s why we put appart a huge collection of phidgets, sensors, arduino’s and the like for you to play and build with.

We offer you a workplace in our inspiring studio in Rotterdam.

We are happy to share our years of circus and design experience. If you want to pick our brains on storytelling, the ministry of very secret affairs, design research, prototyping, planning or writing… feel free to do so.


Interested? please send your portfolio and CV to
Wouter van der Hoog
w.vanderhoog@hoogendiep.nl or give a call +31 (0) 6 14 19 00 31