TU Library

Improving service to community

Hoog+Diep investigated the user community of the Library of the Delft University of Technology and generated ideas to improve its service to the user community. In collaboration with library staff, Hoog+Diep ran several studies which resulted in a variety of ideas on how to adopt existing and new products and services to the needs and desires of the user community.

The Library of the Delft University of Technology was under the impression that a rather large amount of the user community was not making effective use of the library services. Hoog+Diep set up and executed, involving library staff, a number of studies, in order to discover the community’s needs and desires a changing landscape of information consumption. Using contextmapping studies Hoog+Diep identified several needs that needed attention.

Through a series of small brainstorm sessions together with staff members, Hoog+Diep proposed solutions on how to address and involve the user community with the library more effectively. Currently Hoog+Diep and the library are exploring these ideas into a next stage, developing them into inspiring new products and services.