TIP Delft

Tourist Information Point

Delft Marketing asked Hoog+Diep to assist in adapting the new city marketing to its interior and communication with its visitors, tourists coming to Delft. The new city marketing focuses on technology, history, creativity and innovation, which is presented on the information displays Hoog+Diep developed for the Tourist Information Point in Delft.

Delft Marketing adopted a new city marketing in its service, communication and locations. The Tourist Information Point is for most tourists the first stop to acquire information about what Delft has to offer. Delft Marketing asked Hoog+Diep to assist in developing ideas on how to adapt the new city marketing within the Tourist Information Point.

Hoog+Diep developed two installations as well as a panorama-information display in the new style of the city marketing. The information display allows staff members of the Tourist Information Point to show events and attractions that are available for tourists. One installation houses computers for tourists to send email to the home front. The other installation is the Delft Blue By Me. Hoog+Diep is responsible for the design and realization of both installations as well as the panorama displays. Together with Delft Marketing Hoog+Diep is constantly looking for new ways to improve the service and communication of Delft Marketing.