DOK Agora

Interactive storytelling

DOK Delft asked Hoog+Diep to develop new ways to present audiovisual heritage collections to a broad audience. The result is Agora – storyboard of your life. Agora is a large storytelling display that presents audiovisual heritage collections presented around a locally relevant theme. Agora allows viewers to easily collect stories and share them using the display. Hoog+Diep developed the interaction and the interface of Agora.

Large collections of audiovisual heritage material are digitized in the Netherlands. Public libraries often have local partnerships with heritage organizations and present the audiovisual material in or through the library. DOK Delft asked Hoog+Diep to develop new ways for people to interact with this audiovisual heritage. Hoog+Diep co-developed Agora, which allows visitors to experience personal thematic stories and contribute new stories and personal photos and videos to the stories portrayed on the interactive storytelling wall.

Hoog+Diep developed the interaction and interface of both the interactive storytelling wall as well as the storytelling tables. Using the storytelling tables users can easily contribute their own stories to Agora while making use of their own audiovisual material as well audiovisual footage from heritage collections. Agora will be launched in the winter of 2010.